What started in 1999 as a vision to bring more options for hospice care to the Greenville community has evolved into a coordinated effort among community leaders and organizations to turn the vision into a reality.  Throughout the past several years, countless hours have been dedicated to evaluating the need and feasibility of a hospice house in Greenville and forging ahead with plans and efforts to bring Greenville its first hospice house.
Hospice House of Greenville Timeline
Feasibility studies conducted
June 2003  
Hospice House of Greenville Board forms
June 2003  
Capital campaign planning begins
September 2003    
Batson Architects retained
December 2003    
501(c)(3) status received
Jan.-June 2004
Organizational and Board meetings held, worked on feasiblity studies and proformas, worked with strategic partners, fundraising plan developed   
June 2004  
Silent capital campaign begins
June 2004  
Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center and Bon Secours St. Francis Health System agree to explore the possiblity of merging their separate hospice programs
July 2004  
Hospice House hires first employee
July 2004        
Hospice House site confirmed, Greenville Technical College donated 5 acres on their Simpsonville campus
August 2004  
2005 fundraising calendar produced
September 2004 
Certificate of Need application completed
October 2004 
Public capital campaign begins
October 22, 2004 
First fundraising gala held
Jan.-April 2005
Fundraising and building plans continue
April 2005  
Certificate of Need approved
November 2005  
Construction begins
Spring 2007  
Hospice House opens and accepts its first patient
November 2007               
Open Arms Hospice is DHEC Certified and makes plans to operate at full capacity.
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