Capital Campaign
"We definitely need a hospice house in Greenville - no doubt about it.  Individuals and families all across our community will be profoundly impacted by the care, comfort, and support that they will soon be receiving at the Hospice House of Greenville."
-Baxter Wynn
Chair, Campaign Cabinet
Kicked-off in 2004, our capital campaign has been underway and is close to meeting the $9.9 million needed to build the 30-bed McCall Hospice House of Greenville.  Through the tremendous community support and efforts of our Campaign Cabinet, to date, we have raised $7.7 million toward the $8.1 million capital goal and $975,000 toward the $2 million endowment goal (please see attached graph).
Once we became operational, the McCall Hospice House of Greenville is a self-funding through fees and other financial resources to cover the day-to-day costs of operating the house.  However, we must continue our fundraising efforts in order to raise the funds that were needed to build the house.  We need your support! Please carefully consider how you can contribute to our efforts.  Please visit our donations page or call Jessica Webb at 864-688-1787 for more information on levels of giving and how to make contributions to Hospice House of Greenville.
Budget to Build Hospice House of Greenville
Land (Donated by Greenville Technical College)
Construction Costs for 37,059 sq.ft. house
Design Contingency
Part of Construction Costs
Site Costs (preparation of land and roads)
Part of Construction Costs
Architect Fees
Ground and Survey Engineering
Construction Contingency   
Other Costs   
For Patient Information please call Open Arms Hospice at 864.688.1700.
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