Comfort Bags:  
Open Arms Hospice and the McCall Hospice House would like to request that we be considered as a mission for your faith community or group.  Below you will find a list of various items that we could use for our patients at the house or for our patientís that live in their own homes.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 
Body Wash                                                                   
Tooth Brushes and tooth paste                           
Booties/socks (skid proof on the bottom)                 
 Crossword puzzles/ word search 
 Small note pads for journaling 
 Hard candy 
 Bottled water
 Change in a Ziploc bag for the family to go down to the drink/snack machines 
 Small hand held games
 Disposable camera
 Depend or generic brand of adult pull-ups UNOPENED (sizes Medium or Large)Coffee
Coffee Filters
Baby moniters
Paper products (small and large plates, cups, towels, etc.)
Denture Cups
Peanut Butter (small jars)
CD's & DVD's, new and used
Razors and shaving Cream
Books and magazines, new or gently used
Plastic forks/spoons
Tab Alarms
Walkie Talkies
If you have any suggestions of items, please call:
Bonnie Thompson, Volunteer Coordinator at (864) 688-1713.
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